Hi! I’m Hailey, the woman behind Cave & Canyon. I’ve had many professional lives during my time here on earth; event marketer, radio host, midwifery administrator, wedding photographer and more, but one thing has remained constant: my love for stones. Whether it be stones from the beach, or pretty crystals in souvenir shops, I’ve been fascinated with these beautiful testaments to the wonders of our planet.

In late 2014, while crafting, I began to feel inspired to draw geometric patterns, specifically the Seed and Flower of Life. Shortly there after, I was drawn to placing crystals on these beautiful shapes. Something about it felt so good, the energies of the stones practically singing. It wasn’t long after that I began to realize what I was doing was a practice called crystal gridding, that many people do on a daily basis!

Hungry to learn more, I joined a workshop at my local metaphysical bookstore taught by the lovely Raya, who opened my eyes to the power that crystal grids, combined with ones intention, can possess. In April 2015 I began my Instagram account as a fun way to showcase my artworks and stones via social media. It turned out that there were many, MANY lovely souls out there who are also drawn to the magic of gridding, and thus, Cave & Canyon was born.

It has always been my goal to create an environment where everyone, regardless of background, can be accepted, heard, and learn together. We all have so many gifts to share, so why not connect and learn from one another!

Feel free to explore this site as it grows, slowly but surely! I look forward to getting to know you!